Welcome to the world of Signalcom!

Signalcom was founded in 1983 and since that time has supplied and serviced business telephone systems, paging systems, and computer networks to businesses, government, schools and medical facilities in the state of Michigan.

Joseph Call, founder of Signalcom, was a long time service technician and engineer with the old Bell System and GTE prior to his founding Signalcom. 

Signalcom has PARTNERED with Panasonic, selling the Panasonic line of quality, dealer only, communication systems since 1991.  Prior to that, Signalcom sold Toshiba and Iwatsu.  Signalcom has also PARTNERED with such top quality supporters such as, APC UPS, Multitech switches and routers, Netgear, Bogen paging, and Hellerman Titon termination equipment.  We have also PARTERNED with Wirt Financial to offer leasing to our valuable customers.

The goal of Signalcom has always been to provide a top quality system at a reasonable price and with the service to support it.  We also feel that the customer should expect ten years of service from their Signalcom system with minimal service or breakdown.  We are very proud that from 1983 to present, we have met those goals.  Our customers are truly our friends.

Our present Panasonic systems, the KXTDA line is the finest that we have ever had the pleasure to offer especially when coupled with the KXTVA line of Voice Processing systems.  The KXTDA offers IP features, such as IP extensions and Computer Telephony Solutions as well as being a very solidly built platform.

Structured voice and data cabling systems is also a specialty of Signalcom.  Having performed our first data cabling job in 1986 for John Hancock Insurance.  Since then we have installed thousands of data and voice locations for hundreds of Michigan clients.

In 2007 Signalcom joined forces with 1 Call Away and Quest Computers so that the customers of these three firms can be offered a far wider range of products and services and insure continuation of the firm's excellent track records into the new century.

We would be honored to be of service to your firm. 

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